09.06.2023 – 14.07.2023

Vernissage : 09.06 -19:00

IN Kurt Mühlenhaupt Museum

AddressFidicinstraße 40, 10965 Berlin

«Kolyska» in Ukrainian means cradle, home (place of origin, birth of the new) and swing.
(place of origin, birth of the new) and swing.
The concepts of cradle and home imply familiarity and security, which were
and security that have been taken away from both refugees and defending Ukrainians.
The swing is a metaphor for life in a state of flux, ups and downs.
depths. They signify the power of one’s own impulse, but also that they are being pushed by someone else.
By someone else. As an element of children’s play equipment, swings are based on trust.
If you are pushed by someone else’s power, you find yourself at its mercy.
Because of the war, four young Ukrainian artists, Vicki Berg, Sofia
Golubeva, Aglaia Nogina, and Anastasia Pasichnyk were forced to leave their homeland in 2022.

In Berlin
they continue to create intensively, although their goal is to return as soon as possible.
To return as soon as possible.The Kurt Muhlenhaupt Museum invited artists who are members of the UCC (Ukrainian Cultural Community) to show their work.

Paintings, graphics, installations and carpet art will be featured. Their work, which
were created under the impression of the war and the refugee situation in Berlin,
will be juxtaposed with photographs by German photographer Simon Koy, which depict untouched
(landscapes, daily life, architecture and portraits) before the war.