The UCC project was founded by Anastasiia Pasichnyk in April 2022 in Berlin in response to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Since then, the UCC team has organized a large number of exhibitions, concerts, workshops, auctions, festivals, and lectures.

UCC is a platform for young artists from Ukraine and Europe to express themselves.
For the first six months, the UCC project existed as a residency for Ukrainian artists and as an independent gallery.

Today, UCC is a bridge between artists and institutions. Our team works on organizing cultural projects and communicates between exhibition venues and artists.

We popularize Ukrainian contemporary art internationally and defend freedom and democratic values.

The project began in the space of a former brothel, which Anastasiia Pasichnyk and 20 residents have turned not only a common place to stay all needy artists, an international platform for development, exchange of mentalities.